Fashion Show at 1961

A teacher-assistance of the Lotus Kids Club opens the show with an Apsara dance.

Jamie Van is an upcoming high school senior from Huntington Beach, California.  She spent part of her summer vacation in Siem Reap, Cambodia with her mother, the creative director of Senhoa’s jewelry line, and was able to witness the commotion leading up to the event and vibrant lights of the fashion show at 1961.  Her story below is beautiful - full of excitement and gratitude as she helps with preparation for the event.


Before the Senhoa Fashion Show at 1961 Coworking & Art Space, there was so much work left to be done. The event was one of our biggest as it was our official launch in Siem Reap for our showroom, so it was very important for every detail to be in order.  The artisans worked hard upon the approaching date of the event - making the jewelry, packaging them up, checking inventory and inspecting their work over and over again. We had to go to the 1961 space to clean up, rearrange furniture, and set up the jewelry. Putting all the furniture and décor together was particularly exciting because of the various design techniques that we could utilize to display our jewelry; playing at our creative side. In essence, we arranged everything to match the modest and uniquely cool tone atmosphere in Cambodia.

A model walks the runaway wearing our Michelle necklace.

The time for the event came and we were all filled with nervous anxiety and excitement.  First, the distinguished guests arrived at the event and were welcomed with hors d'oeuvres and drinks in the VIP room.  Then, there was a magnificent fashion show that featured some of Senhoa’s Couture collection from it’s jewelry line. All of the designs were beautiful and are made all the more exquisite by having Swarovski crystals and semi-precious gemstones component.  Everyone present was swaying from the custom mix that the DJ specifically crafted for the show, simply-based off of inspiration from the jewelry. Additionally, the models, one being Miss Cambodia and another from Cambodia's Next Top Model, were stunning as they graced the runway with Senhoa’s jewelry. At the end of the show, guests were welcomed to shop and browse all of the jewelry on display.

The Senhoa Artisans.

As the night continued on, the applauses from everyone had the persuasive power to stir emotions in everyone. In fact, according to one of the artisans, it was the first time that she had ever received a formal applause for anything she had done before. It was a very happy occasion for all of the artisans because they were given an opportunity to be honored for their beautifully handcrafted work and dress up like princesses for a special event.

The beautiful and handsome models adorning various Senhoa Jewelry collections.

Everyone worked as a team for this event so it was great to have them together to embrace the united harmony in the air. It was great to see the guests, Senhoa staff and jewelry artisans enjoying themselves, all the while supporting an amazing cause.

It was with great honor that I was able to participate in preparing for the show and to personally join in on the celebration.  I am certain that Senhoa appreciated all of the support from everyone for the event and hopes everyone had a wonderful time.

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