Why I Give - Letter from a Donor

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Trinh Wong and her beautiful family have been supporting Senhoa Foundation for the past 4 years through birthday fundraisers and garage sales. We reached out to Trinh to ask her to share her thoughts on this matter. A big thank you to Trinh, her husband John and their beautiful children, Jason, Jessica and Jasmine.  

"My view as a parent…
Blessed with three smart, healthy and beautiful children, Jason (12), Jessica (10) & Jasmine(7), my husband and I are always trying to protect them, educate them and help them anyway we can but also want to show them the real world out there; the world with poverty, cruelty and misfortune. The children of Senhoa Foundation live in that world.
Since we knew about Senhoa and the Lotus Kids Clubs, we involve our children in doing garage sales, asking Santa to deliver their presents to LKC children instead, and asking for donations to Senhoa for their birthdays. Not only making them feel good but our children also learn a lot by doing so. They learn the lessons of sharing, caring, and understanding.
We all know birthday and Christmas presents come with good intentions but most of the times they are very wasteful. How many of us have putting away presents in the closets, then re-gifting them or bringing them to Goodwill? And let’s count the time your guests searching and finding the gifts and the time you spend cleaning up or giving them away. Why so much of a hassle for the grown ups and too “little” a lesson for children to learn?
They say a “picture is worth a thousands words”. One year my son sent his birthday donation to help built a playground for LKC School then we received photos of the children played at the playground with big smiles. It was so touching and joyful! We were in tears!
Knowing what we do is so little compare to others; we just want to thank the founder, Lisa TD Nguyen, all the staff and volunteers. You are the ones who make the difference! The world is more beautiful because of you and you inspire us everyday.

Trinh Wong"

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