Viet Fashion Week 2015


We are proud to be the jewelry sponsors for Viet Fashion Week. VFW serves as a fashion platform for international Vietnamese designers to show the world just how vital and influential they are. This year's runway shows were on April 2 and 3 at the Rose Center in Westminster, CA. Volunteer Jenny Wong shares her experience styling the models backstage for Annie Nguyen on Thursday below (we also accessorized for designer Quynntessential Couture on Friday). 


Last Thursday, I got to go to the Viet Fashion Show with (community outreach coordinator) Jamie Van. It was my first experience to a fashion show, which I was fascinated by how it was organized and how friendly the models were. The backstage was already crowded and full of people. The show had the theme of modern and simplistic. As the beats of the music went on, tall, slim, and beautiful models walked onto the stage with their best steps. Fascinated by the show and the environment, I wished that I was a model for a second. Most of the designers made their designs bold and dramatic, which had many colors such as blue-magenta violet and China red. I was most impressed by Annie’s design that she was able to combine white and the color of dark vanilla together to create more simple and clean jumpsuits and shirts.

People would be able to wear them on a daily basis without feeling unnatural and too dramatic. Annie’s wedding dresses are amazing because most designs were clean but classy, She was able to create a dreamy effect by using not only the color white, but also in different ways and layers to take her creations to a different level.

Overall, all designers did an amazing job for the fashion show. I’m so glad I was there and I want to thank Senhoa for this unforgettable experience. I would definitely recommend others to the show and take a look at Senhoa jewelry, and be amazed by the modern art that these great designers have created.

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