Paying It Forward

Photo by John D. Russell
Photo by John D. Russell

Rachana Chab is Lotus Kids' Club Assistant Project Manager. This is her story from her own words about why she is driven to support the LKC community. 


My name is Rachana. I am 23 years old, and I will graduate from university with a Bachelor’s Degree in June. I come from a poor family from the Cambodian countryside. There are twelve children in my family. When I was growing up with my big family without a father who passed away, even when I was young, I have known how difficult it was for me. So I want to help other people in the community, especially kids, who come from a similar situation as mine. I decided if I want to help I would need to have an education.  I worked very hard to finish high school. I was persistent in convincing an NGO to take me into their center and help with my funding for university. When I entered university I moved to Siem Reap where I found out about Lotus Kids Club. I volunteered for a little while, and then I was hired full-time as a Teacher Assistant.  For almost a year I worked as a Teacher Assistant then I was promoted to be a Junior Teacher.  After two years working as a Junior Teacher I was promoted to be the Assistant Project Manager. I will graduate with an accounting degree, but I most enjoy working with children and families.  I feel competent doing this work and will hopefully gain a Masters degree related to this field of study.


Lotus Kids Club is where Mr. Steve works as the Technical Advisor.  He is full of experience in working with children.  He trained all the teachers on how to work with young children, and I found it interesting and really wanted to know more about childhood development.  I have learned a lot from him.  I have been working very hard and try to do all my best from what I have learned from him. It is always very challenging at the beginning of the school year for us teachers in the Preschool Program. Some kids are crying, scared and don’t know the rules.  Also half of the kids are Vietnamese and don’t have a good command of the Cambodian language.  They can’t communicate with teachers, can’t brush their teeth, wash their hands or even how to sit in the chairs and listen. Everything was new for them.  So the teachers have to teach them everything, but it is the best time for children to learn.  A few weeks later they start to learn. They know about the rules, can wash their hands and brush their teeth by themselves, play together with friends and teachers. No kids are crying and no kids want to go home. They are learning and having fun. For me I felt very happy when the kids learn, listen, communicate, cooperate, play and also feel a part of Lotus Kids Club. I think I am doing a good thing.  Just do what you want to do even small things can make people smile and make a difference.

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