Board of Directors Recruitment 2015

Location: Remotely Start Date: October 2015 Salary: Nil Duration: 3 years  

About Senhoa: Senhoa Foundation supports vulnerable persons and survivors of human trafficking through prevention, rehabilitation and advocacy programs. We provide funding and capacity building through long-lasting partnerships to establish sustainable programs that serve underprivileged women and children. We believe in: - Educational and social programs for intellectual empowerment. - Income generation for women's economic and personal independence. - Using business sensibilities to achieve humanitarian goals. Senhoa is unique in that it operates as a social enterprise. Our programs are designed to provide economic opportunities to survivors and vulnerable persons, while concurrently generating sufficient profit to remit back to our community development projects.  

Position Description  Senhoa Foundation is currently recruiting for up to 4 new members on their Board of Directors to bring further drive and experience to the organization. We need people who are passionate about protecting vulnerable people from human trafficking and exploitation and believe that education and job training, which results in safe employment, are the strongest armors to protect at-risk women and children. Senhoa Foundation has a reputation for delivering high quality prevention and early intervention programs in Cambodia with an emphasis on education and income generation as a route out of poverty. Senhoa also has an award winning accessories brand and produces high quality ethical jewelry through which vulnerable women are provided with safe and secure employment. We are particularly keen to achieve a more diverse board of directors and successful candidates will be drawn from a range of professional backgrounds, including the financial, commercial, public, fashion and charity sector, and will demonstrate a track record of effective performance, strategic thinking and sound and effective judgment. You will need to be able to make a commitment to Senhoa and the ability to think creatively and a willingness to speak your mind.  We expect Board members to have a willingness to travel to attend Senhoa's annual board retreat and strongly encourage all Board members to visit the projects on the ground in Cambodia once during your three year term.  

Responsibilities and Criteria As a Board member, you will be instrumental in planning the strategic future of Senhoa Foundation.  The board usually meets once a month via a telephone conference call. We expect Board members to participate in the majority of meetings and in addition to this you will be asked to participate in one sub committee.  We have an international membership and will accept applications from all countries, however the majority of our Board members are based in the United States.

  • Willing to subscribe to and promote the mission, goals and objectives of Senhoa Foundation.
  • Through personal resources or through the cultivation of new donor relationships, you are expected to meet an annual goal of securing a minimum of $5,000 to support Senhoa Foundation.
  • Serve a three-year term on the Board with the option for re-election to two additional terms.
  • Attend at least 75% of the regular meetings of the Board. Advise the President in advance if you are unable to attend a meeting. If a member has three unexcused absences in a twelve-month period, they may be removed by majority vote by the Board of Directors.
  • Where possible, attend all special activities of the Board, including fundraising events, training and other Board events. Attendance at the annual Board retreat is mandatory.
  • Contribute to the fundraising projects and events through generating support from friends and other contacts.
  • Function as a goodwill ambassador and spokesperson for the organization and its programs.
  • Stay well informed about the organization by carefully reading minutes of the Board meetings, financial statements and other materials. Take seriously the legal, fiscal, and ethical responsibilities the Board carries. Be aware of, and notice community activities and legal/political developments, which may impact the organization and/or its programs and bring them to the attention of the Board.
  • Serve on at least one Board committee.
  • Assist in the recruitment of volunteers and committee members to augment the Board.

Regular Meetings: Monthly Board meeting: 1 hour/ month Monthly Fundraising meeting: 1 hour/month Committee meeting: 2 hours/month It is expected that there will be several hours work pre/post each of these meetings on top of the meeting commitments. To find out more about Senhoa see our website  For an initial discussion please contact Lisa Nguyen, Executive Director via email at lisaatsenhoadotorg. To download an application pack, please click here.

August 13, 2015 by Lisa T.D. Nguyen
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