New Faces at our Monthly Parents' Meeting

Every month, we have parents' meeting. We have 145 families that we provide with rice and condiments. We recently have some donated clothing and have been giving these out to the families as well.

Now we have 20 men who come to join the meeting. In the beginning we only had 3 men come to our meeting. Most of the problems in the families we work with are related to the men. Because they use drugs and alcohol every day. They hit the children and their wife.

But now they start to come to learn and hear what we say. We train them on how to lead the family and how to love in the right way and take care of their wife and children. They come and listen. We have one of the dads just come from jail and come to our meeting. He hasa changed his life. He love his family and has a job to do. He tries to work hard to unite with us for his family.

We are so proud of him and the other men who have come. We courage them and give some gifts for them when they are here and work with us to love their family. Now they are try to changing the ways they live before. And now we see that they are growing month by month.  


Written By: Dary Sean Chan, LKC Co-Director

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