Gifts That Give

Senhoa's Gifts that Give are a beautiful way of not only gifting something meaningful to your loved ones but also giving back at Christmas and helping us achieve this goal.

Choose from a variety of gifts starting from $25. You will receive a lovely certificate which explains what you have bought and how your gift directly changes the lives of children, women and families in Cambodia. There is space to write a personalized message which can be printed on the certificate.

The perfect feel good present!  

How it Works

1. Choose the gift you would like to purchase and add it to your basket.

2. Personalize your gift at checkout. You can add a personalized message that can be printed on the gift certificate. [Include in Notes]

3. Choose whether you would like the gift certificate to be: [Include in Notes]

 - emailed to you to print out to give to the recipient or

 - printed and posted to your home address 

4. It's as easy as that - you've helped change a life!  All proceeds from the gift certificate go directly to the project budget.  

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.