Women's Senhoa Bear Shirt
Women's Senhoa Bear Shirt

Women's Senhoa Bear Shirt

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Charm the kids in your life!  Make them smile at your sweet Senhoa Bear t-shirt.  This unique item features our button-eyed Senhoa Bear proudly holding Senhoa’s symbol, a hand-stitched lotus flower.

This unique, limited-edition t-shirt comes to you from many caring hands. Anh Oi and Senhoa designed it.  Eager moms at Senhoa’s Lotus Kids’ Club sewed it. Our energetic volunteers did the assembling and silk-screening.  Since Anh Oi graciously paid for materials and other costs, 100% of the proceeds from the shirts’ sale will go directly to our Lotus Kids’ Club program. 

Women’s sizes are listed above.  See our Children's Senhoa Bear Shirt sizes  to dress up the kids you love! 

100% cotton shirt from American Apparel.

Patterned fabric may vary, picked at random.

Machine wash cold
Recommended Line dry but can tumble

dry low. May shrink up to 5%.
To learn more about Anh Oi, please

visit www.anhoi.com.

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