Melanie Triple-Pearl Lilac Earrings
Melanie Triple-Pearl Lilac Earrings

Melanie Triple-Pearl Lilac Earrings

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Add dramatic flair to your look with these bold statement earrings! These gorgeous silver-plate clip-ons are bedecked with genuine Swarovski pearls. Available in lilac or jet (silver-black). 3.5″.

Our Melanie jewelry; consisting of rings, single- and triple-pearl earrings, a bracelet and necklace; are named after the former bead artist, Melanie L. Doerman. 

Melanie took many turns on the route to become a world-renowned bead artist. Her passion was to create beautiful designs along with her passion for those less fortunate than her. She became a bead artist to express her designs in structured and free form bead techniques. Her business was centered on selling kits of her design marketed by teaching classes and presenting at trade shows.

Melanie developed her unique style over the years and her work culminated in the book “The Art of Forgotten Things” published by Interweave Press. The book illustrates how to use objects that are past its prime and forgotten in a drawer somewhere. Put them together into beautiful works of wearable art.

The spirit of Melanie’s talented work and passion for women who have had difficult journeys lives on in Senhoa’s creation: the Melanie.

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