Senhoa has partnered with Only The Brave Foundation, the not-for-profit organization established by Italian fashion group OTB. 
Driven by and based on a shared mission to helping women and children in underprivileged communities, the partnership protects and empowers women who are vulnerable to or survivors of slavery in Cambodia, where human trafficking is a severe and prevalent social issue.


Empowering women to transform their lives is one of our priorities at Only The Brave Foundation. In light of the fact that majority of trafficking victims are women and girls, we are proud to be part of Senhoa’s initiative that supports at-risk women through safe and dignified recruitment. It’s a sustained and culturally sensitive solution.

Arianna Alessi, Director at Only The Brave Foundation


With a $40,000 grant provided by OTB:

20 female survivors of sexual exploitation are given employment and earn fair wages, allowing them to gain safety, achieve economic independence and even support an entire village in the country.
Additionally, the collaboration involves supporting 160 street working children and their families in “LotusKids’ Club” – one of Senhoa’s early intervention programs, thus benefiting a total of approximately 550 Cambodian people.
In return for the financial support from OTB Foundation, Senhoa's artisans specially crafted bracelets for OTB employees. Featuring Senhoa’s signature Cambodian weaving technique, these bracelets further raise awareness about Senhoa’s humanitarian programs. You, too, can support our survivor artisans by purchasing a similar bracelet here.


Only The Brave Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established by OTB in 2008. As a leading supporter of the group’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, its mission is to rebalance social inequality and contribute to the sustainable development of less advantaged communities around the world. “Brave Actions for a Better World.”

Driven by the belief that social entrepreneurship is an alternative model of development, Only The Brave Foundation supports many social enterprises in the implementation of social-environmental solutions, generating a positive and long-lasting impact on society.

Based on simplified project selection criteria: innovation, direct social impact and sustainability, Only The Brave Foundation has invested in about 200 social development projects around the world, benefiting the lives of over 180,000 people. To know more: http://www.otbfoundation.org.


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