Clarity Mala Necklace


Clarity Mala Necklace

The Mala necklace is a traditional garland of 108 prayer beads. Every bead represents a truth and meditating on each bead with an affirmation or mantra is known to bring peace of mind.

These beads are made of fragrant wooden beads from the Sapodilla tree. The golden Swarovski crystal adorning each Mala enhances and amplifies energy by absorbing, balancing and focusing the light we have within.

The Clarity Mala and bracelet are gentle reminders of your intention to use your voice to help others to find theirs.

Mantra: “When I follow my heart, I always find my way.”


The Clarity Collection by the Chin Twins speaks to the mind, body and spirit with an intention to empower the women of Cambodia who create each piece, to enrich their children with hope and emancipate them from the hardships they face. Collection shot by Nigel Barker.