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Enchanting Knot Hair Accessory


The Enchanting Knot adds intrigue and excitement to the wearer. A beautifully intricate and delicate piece that will give every outfit a serious edge.

Materials: Silver-plated wire, Sterling Silver curb chain, gold-plated chain, Gold-plated curb chain, Silver-plated curb chain, brown metal chain, purple fimo flower, grey fimo flower, Swarovski crystal bicone, crystal rose gold, crystal twisted Swarovski, crystal pearl light grey, Swarovski large brown pearls, 5810 B643 platinum 12mm Swarovski crystal pearl, briolette bead, amethyst stone, garnet stones, citrine beads, black obsidian beads, rose quartz beads, black briolette shape beads, brown briolette, raw cut rose quartz, hematite beads.